Norwich Peregrines

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Sunday 23rd April 2017

Yet another quiet morning, GA leaves the tiercel on the platform and flies South East, not returning for 2 hours, when she does return she swaps places with the tiercel, leaving him to spend hours preening on the spire. Another buzzard passes above the spire.


Saturday 15th April 2017

Another quiet day with GA taking flight to eat a cached bird early on.


Sunday 9th April 2017

A painfully slow morning with GA not leaving the box, the only bit of action is when a buzzard drifts past the spire.


Sunday 2nd April 2017

A quiet day at the Cathedral, the tiercel came back with a water rail and a third peregrine spent time circling high above the spire.


Monday 27th March 2017

Fourth egg laid approx 08.30am


Sunday 26th March 2017

A reasonably quiet day with both birds showing well. An early morning copulation takes place.


Saturday 25th March 2017

The tiercel brings a kill in early for GA, apart from that its a quiet morning.


Friday 24th March 2017

Third egg laid approx  a good few hours earlier than expected.


Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Second egg laid approx 07.55am


Tuesday 21st March 2017

The immature falcon turns up again, a few minutes after GA flys away. She brazenly sits on the platform but doesn't seem bothered by the eggs. After 10 minutes of being dive bombed by the tiercel the intruder flys to the cache and helps herself to food. After a good hapf hour she is chased away. 2 further copulations take place.


Sunday 19th March 2017

2 intruding peregrines turn up at the Cathedral, first up is a tiercel who is chased away from the spire twice, then a bit later an immature falcon turns up and is escorted away. The first egg is laid at approx 17.44pm


Saturday 11th/Sunday 12th March 2017

Not to much happening apart from mating on both days. Saturday is really quiet with the tiercel hunting on a few occasions. Sunday is also quiet with the tiercel catching a blackbird and trying to pass it to GA on several occasions, she doesn't seem interested and sits on the same crocket all morning. 


Sunday 5th March 2017

Another 2 matings take place on the spire, GA sits high for a long time until the tiercel brings back a blackbird, they perform a food pass on the platform.


Sunday 26th February 2017

3 matings take place in the 2 hours I was there, this is great news as its the first time I have seen the new pair copulate. Also an intruding falcon turns up twice and is chased off by the resident pair both times. It is interesting to note the intruding falcon was still in juvenile plumage and not ringed.


Sunday 5th February 2017

The falcon brings a pigeon back to the Cathedral at first light and lands on the North East turret to eat it, the tiercel pinches several morsels. Both birds spend the next hour eating.


Tuesday 27th December 2016

Final visit for 2016, GA is sitting very low on the bell tower while the tiercel sits high, they fly around the spire together before landing on the platform and echupping to each other.


Monday 12th December 2016

News breaks that the final eyass from the Cathedral does not come round after having an operation. A sad end to the year with all 4 of the juveniles now dead. It would have been nice to have 1 survive and pass the old falcons genes on but it is not to be, her legacy will live on with her previous years offspring thriving in different locations around the UK.


Sunday 11th December 2016

After not visiting the Catheral with a camera for 6 months I make an early morning trip down there. Both birds are showing well and take turns on the platform as well as drifting in the thermals. All is looking good for next years breeding season.


Sunday 19th June 2016

I spend a few hours at the Catheral with not much happening. GA, the new resident at the Cathedral and the resident tiercel are both showing well and it bodes well for next years season.


Tuesday 14th June 2016

It emerges that the Hawk and Owl trust has decided to remove the 2 remaining fledged birds from the Cathedral. They are taken to the International centre for birds of prey for a bit of rest and recouperation. I believe this is the right choice as they would both have perished with GA being on the scene.


Monday 13th June 2016

YY fledges at appox 05.20, making her the third eyass to go. Sadly the last eyass, 42, never fledges. GA stoops down onto her and instantly kills her.


Friday 10th June 2016

The second eyass fledges, 41, at appox 21.00, I have a wonder down to make sure she hasn't landed on the ground. The close can be a dangerous place to be at night for a grounded bird, thankfully she is safe. 


Thursday 9th June 2016

The first eyass, ringed 43, fledges approx 06.45, reports start emerging that the new falcon at the Cathedral, GA, attacks her several times causing an eye injury. Sadly the young peregrine is found dead in the bishops garden at 17.00, just over 10 hours after fledging.


Sunday 5th June 2016

The tiercel is doing a great job of bringing food into the 4 hungry eyasses. GA also robs the tiercel of 2 kills.


May 2016

Sometime during May an intruding falcon, ringed GA, decides it likes the look of the spire and takes up residence. Also at around the same time the resident falcon and mother of the 4 eyasses goes missing. No one is sure why she disappears and talk of contact with buzzards, red kites and even GA is talked about. The falcon does not return and it is down to the tiercel to feed the eyasses. He does a great job and as of 7th June all 4 look healthy and ready to fledge.


Sunday 8th May 2016

With the chicks getting bigger the falcon leaves the chicks for longer periods as she goes out hunting for food.



Sunday 1st May 2016

A quiet morning at the Cathedral with the tiercel plucking 2 carcasses at different locations and leaving them for a future feed. A marsh harrier also makes a high pass of the Cathedral.


Saturday 30th April 2016

Fourth and final egg hatches appox 05.00


Friday 29th April 2016

Third egg hatches at appox 06.00


Thursday 28th April 2016

First egg hatches approx 14.00 with the second egg hatching around 20.00


Saturday 26th March 2016

The fourth egg is laid at approx 11.00, a few hours later than expected.


Friday 25th March 2016

Both birds sit high up the spire first thing. An unringed juvenile peregrine makes an appearance, possibly one of last years juveniles. After several minutes of drifting round the spire the resident female gives chase to the intruder.


Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Third egg laid approx. 18.30


Monday 21st March 2016

Second egg is laid in the early hours of the morning, my first view was 05.41


Friday 18th March 2016

The first egg is laid at approx. 16.55


Sunday 13th March 2016

3 matings take place on the spire and the tiercel brings a starling back for breakfast. A marsh harrier also flys close past the Cathedral.


Sunday 7th February 2016

Both peregrines are showing well and copulation takes place.


Sunday 17th January 2016

The tiercel brings a pigeon back to the Cathedral which the falcon promptly pinches for herself.


Friday 1st January 2016

The start of a new year and unbelievably the peregrines are spotted copulating!


Sunday 8th November 2015

Both adults are present but are hiding from the wind. The juvenile falcon is still present but the adult falcon

makes a few dive bombs at her, time she moved on I reckon!


Sunday 25th November 2015

Both adults and a juvenile present on a very quiet day at the Cathedral.


Sunday 9th August 2015

The adult tiercel and a juvenile falcon are present at the Cathedral.


Saturday 1st August 2015

The adult falcon is present on the spire but no sign of the juveniles or the adult tiercel.


Saturday 18th July 2015

Both adults present as well as 2 juveniles.


Saturday 11th July 2015

1 adult and 2 juveniles present on the Cathedral. The young tiercel and 1 of the falcons present, I did not see both juvenile falcons together so cannot confirm all 3 juveniles were seen. 


Wednesday 24th June 2015

All 3 juveniles and the parents showing well.


Saturday 20th June 2015

All 3 juveniles showing well and flying well. Plenty of practice food passes also take place.


Friday 12th June 2015

The wandering juvenile makes it back onto the relative safety of the Cathedral after spending a night in a gutter down the back alleys of Norwich.


Thursday 11th June 2015

2 juveniles are on the bell tower with the third making a flight to the south side of the close. The adventurer lands on chimneys and is constantly dive bombed by gulls and is finally knocked off, landing low in a gutter, where it spends the night.


Wednesday 10th June 2015

The third and final eyass departs the platform, again a good fledge. Another trip down the in the afternoon and all 3 juveniles are safe on the Cathedral.


Tuesday 9th June 2015

The first 2 eyasses depart the nest between 06.15 and 06.30, both making perfect fledges. I go down in the afternoon to find both fledglings sitting together on the west side of the of the bell tower.


Sunday 7th June 2015

The juveniles spend most of the morning on the ledge but decide its to early to fledge! A feed takes place early on and the tiercel brings a pigeon back, which the falcon pinches from him, then stashes in the larder.


Saturday 6th June 2015

An early start at the Cathedral, but it was worth it. The tiercel spends a bit of time chasing the local pigeons before the falcon stoops off the spire and returns with a pigeon. The juveniles spend a long time on the edge of the platform.


Sunday 24th May 2015

Only managed an hour at the Cathedral as the weather took a turn for the worse, saw the falcon stoop off the spire and return a few minutes later with a pigeon.


Sunday 10th May 2015

A strange start to the day as several egyptian geese turn up on the Cathedral. After a while the tiercel decides he has had enough and stoops through them, knocking one flying in the process. The tiercel catches a starling and a collared dove in quick succession and 2 food passes take place.


Tuesday 5th May 2015

Sadly the youngest eyass perishes.


Monday 4th May 2015

The falcon does not leave the platform with the tiercel bringing food from one of the many sites they keep the food cached. He also spends time chasing off gulls that wander a bit too close.


Thursday 30th April 2015

4th egg hatches


Tuesday 28th April 2015

The 3rd egg hatches


Monday 27th April 2015

2 eggs hatch in the early hours


Saturday 18th April 2015

A quiet morning at the Cathedral, but I think its the calm before the storm. The falcon left the Cathedral for about an hour and a pair of crows circled the platform several times


Sunday 12th April 2015

An intruder peregrine flys high over the Cathedral early on followed by a kestrel which trys to land near the tiercel. A crow also lands on the peak of the spire before being chased off by the tiercel


Sunday 5th April 2015

A very quiet morning at the Cathedral with only the female giving a bit of a display


Thursday 26th March 2015

The fourth and final egg is laid at 16.44pm


Tuesday 24th March 2015

The third egg is laid at 05.21am


Sunday 22nd March 2015

The Tiercel brings a morsel of food to the Falcon on the platform which the female takes away to eat. A mating takes place high up the spire.


Saturday 21st March 2015

The second egg is laid at 17.10pm


Thursday 19th March 2015

The first egg is laid at 06.20am


Saturday 14th March 2015

A cloudy morning down at the Close, 2 matings take place and an intruder Peregrine is chased away. The male spends a lot of the morning patrolling around the spire.


Saturday 7th March 2015

A dull morning down at the Cathedral. A food pass takes place then the female eats while the male patrols around the spire.


Sunday 1st March 2015

A bitterly cold morning at the Cathedral. I arrived at 6.40am just as the Sun broke the horizon to find the Peregrines had already had breakfast. Copulation took place high up the spire and both birds spent time drifting effortlessly in the winds around the spire.


Sunday 22nd February 2015

A cold but beautiful start to the day in Norwich. The female sits high on the spire as the male prepares a Teal for the female. A food pass takes place behind the spire and the female takes the Duck back up to the top of the spire to devour.


Sunday 15th February 2015

A cold and misty start to the morning with both Peregrines staying high up the spire. 2 matings took place.


Sunday 8th February 2015

Both birds showing well, the female high on the spire and the male lower down. The male and female also spent time drifting round the spire in the wind as well as visiting the platform.


Sunday 25th January 2015

The female returned to the Cathedral with a Pigeon, spending most of the time out of view. Meanwhile the male spends most of his time in or around the platform.


Sunday 4th January 2015

Happy New Year!

Finally got to spend a bit of time at the Catherdral for the first time in ages. Both adults showing well, the Female was tucking into a Collared Dove low down, leaving the carcass for the Male. Both birds gave a flying display too, effortlessly drifting round the spire.


Sunday 21st September 2014

Both Adults and Juvenile Peregrine YV present on the spire, still no sign of T6.


Sunday 31st August 2014

Both adult Peregrines are visible on the spire, a few minutes later Juvenile Peregrine YV makes an appearance. No sign of T6.


Saturday 23rd August 2014

Both adults were on the spire, the female eating Pigeon and the male high on the spire. When the female had finished her meal she cached the food before flying to the platform, the male waited until she has flown off before pinching her cached food for himself!

No juveniles present this morning. I am assuming they were out hunting as its a bit early for them to leave the Cathedral.


Saturday 9th August 2014

No Peregrines at the Cathedral first thing, then the female came back with a Pigeon followed by the male. A few hours later T6 turned up screaming and looking happy with himself with a freshly caught Pigeon. No sign of YV.


Sunday 3rd August 2014

At last the sun was shining at the weekend early in the morning! A quiet first half hour with no Peregrines present, then the peace is shattered by the sound of a screaming Juvenile following both adults back to the Cathedral. The second Juvenile returns about 15 minutes later. All 4 Peregrines stay on the Cathedral for the rest of my visit.


Friday 11th July 2014

The unringed Juvenile Peregrine has been found dead in the grounds of Norwich School.


Sunday 6th July 2014

A dark and wet morning down the Cathedral. Both adults returning with kills early on and 2 Juveniles showing well too. T6 made plenty of low passes as well as landing low on the South Trancept.


Sunday 29th June 2014

A quiet start to the morning with no juveniles on show. The male passed food to the female early on and the female plucked it ready for a juvenile to take, but there was no takers! after about half an hour a juvenile turned up followed by a second soon after. The unringed juvenile was not seen.


Saturday 21st June 2014

A quiet start to the morning for the adults as they relax on the spire. Meanwhile the Juveniles cause mayhem as usual, several times they try landing in tree's and I had great views of T6 chasing a Pigeon low, hard and fast around the Cathedral.


Friday 20th June 2014

A crazy morning at the Cathedral. A feed is brought back by the female and all the Juveniles have a good crop full. What follows is about an hour of madness as the Juveniles run riot around the Cathedral. Chasing each other around the bell tower, landing in tree's and on roofs of nearby houses, Gulls chasing Peregrines, Peregrines chasing Blackbirds and even Blackbirds chasing Peregrines! 


Thursday 19th June 2014

A quick early morning visit brings great views of all 5 birds.


Tuesday 17th June 2014

News is posted that the Juvenile that sadly died has a break in a neck bone, most likely caused by a collision.


Saturday 14th June 2014

A quick visit to the close in the morning, all 3 juveniles were showing well and flying well.


Thursday 12th June 2014

Sad news reaches us tonight that the juvenile Peregrine YT has been found dead by a member of the public at 22.30


Tuesday 10th June 2014

The final Peregrine chick (YT) takes flight at 16.30


Sunday 8th June 2014

Good views of both of the fledged birds early on, with both Juveniles being fed. Later in the day a third chick T6, leaves the platform.


Saturday 7th June 2014

The unringed bird shows itself by flying round the bell tower. A second fledge happens at 8.06am, It is the other male bird, ringed YV. He lands safely on a turret and is fed almost straight away by the female.


Friday 6th June 2014

The first chick fledged at 4.42am, It is the unringed bird. He flys well and stays safe on the bell tower for large chunks of the day.


Sunday 1st June 2014

The female drops off a carcass to the juveniles early morning. One of the juveniles spends a lot of time on the edge of the platform flapping its wings.


Saturday 31st May 2014

I witnessed a magnificent food pass early in the day. The female fed the chicks twice early morning, later in the morning one of the Juveniles spent time on the edge of the box wing flapping.


Sunday 25th May 2014

Lots of displaying from the adult birds early on but a good few hours before a kill turned up. The female started preparing the food and the male took the head away for a snack for himself. Later on both Peregrines chased away a rogue Gull which wandered too close to the platform.


Sunday 18th May 2014

A lovely sunny day, plenty of feeds happening and a good food pass first thing.


Saturday 17th May 2014

A couple of early feeds for the chicks, also I managed to see one of the chicks looking over the edge of the platfom. The male chases off a close passing Gull.


Saturday 3rd May 2014

An intruder Peregrine makes a high pass over the Cathedral, on closer inspection of the images it appears to be an orange ringed Juvenile. The female collects a cached Pigeon to feed the chicks early on.


Tuesday 29th April 2014

The final egg hatches in the late morning


Sunday 27th April 2014

A further 2 eggs hatch


Saturday 26th April 2014

Quiet first thing at the Cathedral, the female having a feed before dawn. The first egg hatches in the early evening.


Friday 18th April 2014

The male Peregrine returns with a Pigeon early on. For some reason ITV are allowed up on the Bell Tower for 2 hours to bring live weather reports to the Daybreak program. Having so many people on the Bell Tower causes the Peregrines to be very flighty with the eggs being left for a good 45 minutes in the rain. Both birds continually circle the spire keeping a close eye on the film crew. 


Sunday 13th April 2014

Yet another intruder first thing. This is a new intruder on me, it was still in juvenile plumage with an orange ring. Judging by the size of it as the resident male ushered it away I think it was a male intruder.


Saturday 5th April 2014

A Juvenile intruder Peregrine makes an appearance early on and is promptly chased off by the resident female. Later in the day the intruder ringed DP makes an appearance on the platform thankfully not causing any damage to the eggs.


Sunday 30th March 2014

The female was tucking into breakfast before dawn, then spent the next 2 hours preening before returning to the platform to take over duties from the male.


Saturday 29th March 2014

The male turns up with a Pigeon just as I get there at 5.30am. He sits high up the spire plucking it, ignoring the females calls for breakfast, he plucks the prey and then passes it to the female. After her breakfast she is noted chasing away 3 crows who stray yoo close to the platform.


Wednesday 26th March 2014

The fourth egg is laid.


Monday 24th March 2014

Just a quick visit, the male returns with a Collared Dove which is promptly plucked and passed to the female.


Sunday 23rd March 2014

A busy day at the Cathedral, copulation took place early as well as a food pass. The male was noted chasing Gulls away. The third egg is laid.


Saturday 22nd March 2014

Both Peregrines share the incubation duties, the male taking over when the female feeds on prey.


Friday 21st March 2014

The second egg is laid at 12.07am


Tuesday 18th March 2014

The first egg is laid at approx. 15.05


Sunday 16th March 2014

Arrived at the Cathedral at 6am this morning to find the male high up the spire eating Pigeon. After a quick meal he took it to the female waiting on the platform. A third Peregrine was again spotted gliding high above the Cathedral so no positive ID could be made. The resident pair were also seen copulating twice.


Wednesday 12th March 2014

Received a positive ID of the intruder Peregrine spotted last Sunday. It is a female Peregrine ringed in East London in 2012


Sunday 9th March 2014

Busy morning at the Cathedral today, the male returning with a Collared Dove and passing it to the female,  while the female was eating the Dove a third Peregrine made an appearance which was chased off by the resident male. The resident pair then copulated high up the spire.


Saturday 22nd February

Spent 2 hours watching the Peregrines preen before anything happened, the male dug out a cached Blackbird to give to the female. He then spent 20 minutes chasing the local Pigeons but to no avail.


Sunday 16th February 2014

The Peregrines mated early morning, the male then departed and returned within a few minutes with a Collared Dove which he passed to the female.


Saturday 8th February 2014

The male Peregrine returned with a prey item and was promptly chased by the female. He then settled down for a quick munch before passing the carcass to the female.


Sunday 2nd February

A windy start to the day, both Peregrines kept out of the wind out of view. A few stoops off the spire were witnessed as well as an early mating attempt.


Sunday 12th January

Both Peregrines present high up the spire first thing, the female left in a hurry and returned within 5 minutes with a Pigeon. She then sat for a good hour eating her kill whilst the male sneaked up to pinch a morsel of food from her. After the feeding both Peregrines bask in the winter sun.


Sunday 5th January 2014

A very quiet and cold start to the day, the Peregrines didn't move until 9.30am but it was worth the wait. Both adults were patrolling very low around the Cathedral grounds with the male chasing local Pigeons on a few occasions. A great display by both birds.


Sunday 29th December 2013

A chilly start to the day but thankfully both Peregrines were showing well. The male came back with a kill and made a food pass right above my head before spending a lot of time chasing the local Pigeons.


Sunday 3rd November

After a few weekends of dreadful weather the sun broke and gave us a lovely sunny start. Both Peregrines were present and I was lucky enough to witness a food pass. Both birds looking fit and healthy.


 Sunday 6th October

A beautiful sunny day at the Cathedral, both the adults showing well, they both landed on the platform and displayed to each other, strengthening their bond. The female sat on the box for a long time preening.


Sunday 15th September

After a month of quiet visits the Peregrines really put on a show today. The female returned with a kill closely followed by the male, just as I turned up at 6.30am. The female then spent the next 2 hours feasting on her Collared Dove while the male watched from a safe distance, when he did pluck up courage to get closer she told him off. Eventually the female left the bare bones for the male to enjoy.


Saturday 7th/Sunday 8th September

As in recent weeks, only one adult Peregrine was present high up the spire. I think it is safe to assume the juveniles have now departed to pastures new. Getting on to  a month since I last saw both adults together at the Cathderal.


 Saturday 31st August

A lovely bright sunny morning but no action at the Cathedral. An adult Peregrine sits high on the spire, occasionally stooping off the spire after a bit of breakfast. No sign of the juveniles TX or TZ.


 Monday 26th August

Possibly the quietest day this year. An adult was present on the platform then made a quick loop of the Cathedral before settling on a crocket.


Saturday 17th August

One of the adult Peregrines keeps guard on the spire, occasionally dropping flying off to chase the local Pigeons. TZ was again present feasting on a carcass. Third week in a row that only 1 adult and 1 juvenile are present at the Cathedral early morning.


 Saturday 10th August

Another quiet morning at the Cathedral. An adult and the juvenile TZ were both tucking into breakfast first thing before TZ departed leaving the adult to have a nap.


 Saturday 3rd August

Quiet morning at the Cathedral, The female came back with a Dove and made a food pass with a juvenile. They then both sat on the spire resting. No sign of the adult Male or the second juvenile.


 Sunday 7th July

A quiet start to the day with a bit of tree hopping by the Juveniles. No prey brought back in the morning, but the Juveniles did have a mad 10 minutes above the cloisters.


Saturday 6th July

A busy morning with 2 kills returned to the Cathedral by the parents early on. The Juveniles were desperate to take the food but the adults would not loosen their grip on the Pigeons!


Wednesday 26th June

The 2 remaining juveniles spend time chasing the local Pigeons and doing some low flying, later a food pass takes place with a juvenile dropping the prey into the Bishops garden.


Tuesday 25th June

A lot of activity early on with a Dove being returned to the Cathedral by the female, after the juveniles have there fill the male takes the carcass away only to drop it somewhere in the Cathedral grounds.


Sunday 23rd June

A crazy start to the morning with all 3 juveniles chasing each other low around the close, one of the more brave juveniles also chased off 2 Great Black Backed Gulls. Plenty of practicing of food passes going on with the young and also chasing the adults with prey. Sad news filters through in the afternoon of the untimely demise of Juvenile T4.


Saturday 15th June

Sad news broke last night of the death of one of the Peregrine chicks. Felt a little sad going down the Cathedral this morning but it is nice to see the 3 remaining chicks eating well thanks to the wonderful parents.


Saturday 8th June

I find the chick ringed T4 sitting in the cloisters of the Cathedral, It is later put on the bell tower where it falls off and flys towards the city landing on an office block roof, it is mobbed constantly by a mixed flock of Gulls, Corvids and even a Pied Wagtail! He takes flight again and lands somewhere in Tombland.


Friday 7th June

The Peregrine chick T4 lands in a tree in the Deans garden, he later is mobbed by a Magpie and a pair of Crows.


 Sunday 2nd June

Very busy day today, both the adults chased off gulls and the female also chased off a startled Jackdaw. A magnificent food pass took place directly above us and the chicks are visible from the ground.


 Sunday 19th May

Both the adults leave the Cathedral for almost half an hour, thankfully no Gulls wander close enough to the platform to harm the unattended chicks. A Buzzard also drifts high over the city and it repeatedly swooped on by the Peregrines.


 Sunday 5th May

Probably the busiest day I've seen at the Cathedral since the young left last year. The adult male was kept busy chasing Gulls away, then he spent time chasing the local Pigeons before raiding the nest of a resident Pigeon looking for prey, sadly the nest was empty.


Saturday 4th May

A lovely spring morning with both adults eating from there cache of food, the female also taking some back for the chicks


Sunday 28th April

Another freezing morning but both birds showing well, low down on the turrets.


 Sunday 21st April

Change over of the eggs early on, the Male made contact with a Gull that had strayed just a bit too close.


Saturday 13th April

Quiet morning at the Cathedral, a lot of preening and keeping an eye on the Gulls going on by both birds.


 Saturday 6th April

The male was taking his turn on the eggs as the female returned with a Dove for breakfast.


 Friday 29th March

Fourth egg laid approx 06.30, I was under the platform taking pictures at the time!


Thurday 28th March

A Peregrine was spotted hunting over Whitlingham Broad early afternoon before drifting off southwesterly. Thanks to James at Birds and Beer for the sighting.


 Tuesday 26th March

Third egg is laid at approx 17.00


 Sunday 24th March

The second egg is laid at 16.30


Thursday 21st March

Peregrines seen copulating early morning at the cathedral. First egg laid at 16.22


 Sunday 17th March

Another cold day down at the Cathedral, both Peregrines showing well, both Peregrines also seen chasing a third Peregrine away.


Wednesday 6th February

Thanks to Andrew who sent us an email regarding a Peregrine seen catching a Pigeon on the old Norfolk and Norwich hospital site in the city.


 Friday 25th January

Thanks to Sue for emailing us regarding a siting of Grant at Strumpshaw Fen. Sue was a volunteer at the H&OT watch point last year.


 Saturday 19th January

Freezing cold day at the Cathedral but a food pass took place early on in the morning, both Peregrines hugging the Cathedral.


Sunday 13th January 2013

First visit of the New Year, both Peregrines on the spire today with the male chasing and not catching a Pigeon at one point.


 Sunday 30th December

Male Peregrine was present this morning with prey.


Sunday 16th December

One bird present at the Cathedral with prey first thing this morning.


Sunday 2nd December

Both adults showing well today. The Male makes several low fast passes through the Cathedral close, he also keeps a close flight to the female when she flies, they both land on the platform together a few times, hopefully strenghtening their bond.


Sunday 25th November

Both Peregrines huddled against the Cathedral trying to keep out of the wind. Did not see any flying today.


Sunday 18th November

A bit of activity before sunrise and a couple of really high speed passes by the male but thats about it for today.


Sunday 11th November

The female made a brief apperance before flying off. the male spent ages sitting on the crockets of the lower pinnacles watching, bobbing his head then shooting off after prey, unsucessfully I may add.


Saturday 3rd November

2 firsts for me today, I saw the male caching food and also having a drink which I have never witnessed. Both adults present today.


 Sunday 14th October

A nice sunny autumnal day, both Peregrines flying around the spire and a food pass as well.


 Sunday 7th October

A misty start to the day but both Peregrines were showing on the spire.


Sunday 30th September

Both adult Peregrines again present at the Cathedral, A brief apperance was made by a juvenile Peregrine chasing a passing Crow away helped by the adult male.


Saturday 29th September

Both adult Peregrines showing on the spire, no sign of Bobber or Grant.


 Friday 28th September

Peregrine seen chasing Pigeons unsuccessfully at a location in the city centre, rested in a tree for a few minutes before flying off towards the Cathedral.


 Wednesday 26th September

Juvenile Peregrine spotted sitting on a building overlooking the River Wensum in Norwich watching Ducks. The first time I have seen a juvenile away from the Cathedral.


 Saturday 22nd September

Only the adults present again on the spire early morning, Gulls were seen chasing both adults, notably when the female returned to the spire with a pigeon, the male saw what was happening and chased the Gulls off.


 Saturday 15th September

Just the adults present on the spire today, enjoying the late summer sun. No sign of Bobber or Grant.


Sunday 9th September

The Peregrines were showing well today, both adults were visible on the spire and Grant gave amazing views as he returned with a Dove then plucked it low down on a pinnacle.


Sunday 2nd September

Little activity at the Cathedral today, an adult was on a pinnacle preening and Bobber sat on the spire before chasing a Gull away.


Monday 27th August

A better day for activity, Grant and the adult male making a food pass very low right in front of me, Bobber and the adult female also made a brief appearance.


 Sunday 19th August

Spent 2 hours at the Cathedral early morning and didn't see a single Peregrine.


 Sunday 12th August

Very little activity early morning at the Cathedral. Bobber, Grant and the adult male were all present perched on the spire crockets.


 Sunday 5th August

All 4 Peregrines are present at the Cathedral, The adult male passing food to Grant and the adult female passing to Bobber.


 Saturday 28th July

Both parents were present with prey, Bobber stealing the Male Peregrines prey of a Pigeon. No sign of Grant.


 Saturday 21st July

Not much activity at the Cathedral early on, Grant has been hunting on his own again. Bobber and adults very quiet.


Sunday 15th July 2012

Grant brings back food on his own, hopefully he is hunting on his own now, Bobber tries to steal it. Bobber made a food pass with an adult for her breakfast.


Saturday 7th July 2012

Grant and Bobber both make food passes with adult birds, the adult birds passing over unplucked Doves in both cases.


Saturday 30th June 2012

Grant, the young male Peregrine has been flying around the Great Hospital on Bishopgate.


 Saturday 30th June 2012

Grant was seen making a food pass with an adult before plucking and consuming the food.


Saturday 30th June 2012

Bobber, the young female, tries on several occasions to land on a tree overhanging the walkway by the Cathedral Northwest gate.


 Saturday 23rd June 2012

Grant makes several sortees away from the Cathedral, landing on the chimney pots of the Great Hospital and the tower of St. Helens Church, Bishopgate.