Norwich Peregrines

A Brief History

Monday 27th March 2017

Fourth egg laid approx 08.30am


Friday 24th March 2017

Third egg laid approx 12.00pm


Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Second egg laid approx 07.55am


Sunday 19th March 2017

First egg is laid at approx 17.44pm


Sunday 26th February 2017

The first known mating of the new Norwich pair takes place.


Tuesday 14th June 2016

It emerges that the Hawk and Owl trust has decided to remove the 2 remaining fledged birds from the Cathedral. They are taken to the International centre for birds of prey for a bit of rest and recouperation. I believe this is the right choice as they would both have perished with GA being on the scene.


Monday 13th June 2016

YY fledges at appox 05.20, making her the third eyass to go. Sadly the last eyass, 42, never fledges. GA stoops down onto her and instantly kills her.


Friday 10th June 2016

The second eyass fledges, 41, at appox 21.00, I have a wonder down to make sure she hasn't landed on the ground. The close can be a dangerous place to be at night for a grounded bird, thankfully she is safe.


Thursday 9th June 2016

The first eyass, ringed 43, fledges approx 06.45, reports start emerging that the new falcon at the Cathedral, GA, attacks her several times causing an eye injury. Sadly the young peregrine is found dead in the bishops garden at 17.00, just over 10 hours after fledging.


May 2016

Sometime during May an intruding falcon, ringed GA, decides it likes the look of the spire and takes up residence. Also at around the same time the resident falcon and mother of the 4 eyasses goes missing. No one is sure why she disappears and talk of contact with buzzards, red kites and even GA is talked about. The falcon does not return and it is down to the tiercel to feed the eyasses. He does a great job and as of 7th June all 4 look healthy and ready to fledge.


Saturday 30th April 2016

Fourth and final egg hatches appox 05.00


Friday 29th April 2016

Third egg hatches at appox 06.00


Thursday 28th April 2016

First egg hatches approx 14.00 with the second egg hatching around 20.00


Saturday 26th March 2016

The fourth egg is laid at approx 11.00, a few hours later than expected.



Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Third egg is laid at approx. 18.30


Monday 21th March 2016

Second egg is laid in the early hours of the morning. My first sight of it is 05.41


Friday 18th March 2016

First egg is laid at approx. 16.55


Wednesday 10th June 2015

The final eyass departs at 07.40


Tuesday 9th June 2015

The first 2 eyasses fledge early in the morning (between 06.15 and 06.30)


Tuesday 5th May 2015

The youngest eyass sadly perishes


Thursday 30th April 2015

4th egg hatches


Tuesday 28th April 2015

The 3rd egg hatches


Monday 27th April 2015

2 eggs hatch in the early hours


26th March 2015

The fourth and final egg is laid at 16.44pm


24th March 2015

The third egg is laid at 05.21am


21st March 2015

The second egg is laid at 17.10pm


19th March 2015

The first egg is laid at 06.20am


11th July 2014

The unringed juvenile Peregrine chick has been found dead in the grounds of Norwich School.


12th June 2014

The juvenile YT which was last to leave the platform was sadly found dead by a member of the public at 22.30 in a garden in the Cathedral close. A broken neck is the cause.


10th June 2014

The fourth and final chick, YT, leaves the platform at 16.30


8th June 2014

The third juvenile ringed as T6, leaves the platform at 15.29


7th June 2014

The second male, ringed YV, fledges at 08.06am


6th June  2014

The unringed male fledges at 04.42am


15th May 2014

3 of the 4 chicks are ringed


29th April 2014

The final egg hatches


27th April 2014

2 more eggs hatch


26th April 2014

The first egg hatches early evening


26th March 2014

The fourth egg is laid at 03.30am


23rd March 2014

The third egg is laid at 12.07pm


21st March 2014

The second egg is laid at 00.07am


18th March 2014

The first egg is laid at approx 15.05pm


2nd February 2014

The Peregrines are seen mating


Mid August 2013

The remaining juvenile, TZ finally leaves the Cathedral


Mid July 2013

Juvenile TX departs the Cathedral


23rd June 2013

Juvenile Peregrine T4 is found dead close to the Cathedral


14th June 2013

One of the Juvenile Peregrines is found dead on the bell tower


9th June 2013

Last chick fledges at 8.15am


7th June 2013

3 chick fledges at 16.00


7th June 2013

2nd chick fledges at 4.20am


6th June 2013

1st chick fledges at 17.20


2nd May 2013

Last egg hatches in the evening


1st May 2013

2 more chicks hatch during the day


30th April 2013

1st chick hatches late into the night


29th March 2013

4th egg laid


26th March 2013

3rd egg laid


24th March 2013

2nd egg laid


21st March 2013

1st egg laid


21st March 2013

Peregrines seen mating on spire


9th September 2012

The last time I see Bobber and Grant at the Cathedral


12th June 2012

The 2 chicks, Bobber (female) and Grant (male) leave the platform, Grant leaving first.


10th June 2012

The last chick to hatch, later named Valiant, sadly dies on the platform


21st May

The 3 chicks are ringed and the unhatched egg is taken from the platform for analysis


4th May 2012

Third egg hatches. The fourth egg doesn't hatch


2nd May 2012

2 Eggs hatch


30th March 2012

4th Egg laid


27th March 2012

3rd Egg laid


24th March 2012

2nd Egg laid


22nd March 2012

1st Egg laid


6th June 2011

With the help of the female Peregrine, the egg cracks opens in the early hours. Sadly the chick is dead


24th April 2011

The first egg is laid in the platform, on Easter Sunday


23rd March 2011

The resident female Peregrine is chased off by a juvenile female Peregrine


February 2011

Norwich Cathedral and a local bird organisation, with the help of volunteer Firemen install the platform 250ft up the spire